Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alabama Adventure

A few weeks ago the company my Dad works for had a party at Alabama Adventure. He invited all of us to go. Lucas was absolutely loving his life. We put on his floatie and off he went!

They have an awesome kiddie area. The water is just deep enough for parents to sit in and still not be over the kid's heads. We could hardly keep up with him.

They had these slides that he loved and one of us would be at the bottom and one of us at the top and he just went over and over again.

He did not want anybody to touch him. He wanted to just do his thing.

This was another cute little slide. At first Michael went up with him to help....that was the only time. He climbed right back up there on his own. He is usually a little scared of bigger slides but not this one. He also did this one over and over and over.

Thank you PawPaw for a fun filled day!

We had a nice surprise beach trip in July! Michael's brother invited us to come hang out at a friend's house. It was the cutest house and I did not take a single pic of it! We arrived VERY late Thursday night(Fri morning actually) and went straight to bed. It was up early for everybody the next morning thanks to Lucas! I bet James was wondering why he invited us! We all cooked breakfast and then got ready for the beach. Lucas loved it just like he did last year.

Glasses, check. Pappy, check. Truck, check.

What more do you need?

Michael and James playing football.

Before we got there the girls had been digging a massive hole. It was so deep you could barely see Lucas' head!

Carly, James, Katelyn, Michael, and Lucas

Where is Lucas and Katelyn???

The weather was not too hot so we stayed on the beach until it was time for Lucas to take a nap.

Chillin' with Carly

Helping dig the hole deeper....

Friday was really the only day we got to spend at the beach. It pretty much rained the rest of the trip. Saturday we got up early and headed to take a boat trip. Our destination was Shell Island. Once we finally got there and walked down a looooong boardwalk to the most gorgeous beach area a huge rainstorm hit! We all booked it back to the boat. I was so bummed beacause it was so pretty. After that we went to look for dolphins but the weather was too yucky so we did not see any. The trip from the bay into the ocean was a little rough and made me a little sea sick but it was fun nonetheless. When we returned to port they informed us they would stamp our tickets for a free return trip when the weather is better! Angie and I both forgot our camera so all I have are a few from my phone. Lucas loved the boat. They had some fun music playing so he entertained us with his dancing and flirting with girls.

That night we got some yummy shrimp from a place nearby and cooked some stuff to go with it. The Gandy family joined us for dinner and Lucas was in girl heaven! Sunday Lucas and I woke up waaaay too early and had breakfast with MawMaw on the porch so we would not wake everybody else up. The guys went deep sea fishing so us girls and Lucas went to Pier Park for some shopping. We found Lucas an old school top( you know the kind you pump and it spins) at a cute little store. Pop Pop had been wanting to get him one so we had to get it. Then it was time for ice cream. Lucas ate it up of course. When we were done shopping we headed back to check out the guy's fish. Then we cleaned up the house and headed home! It was a nice little vacation and we really appreciated the invite!

Pop Pop, Paw Paw, and a Sucker

Besides his beloved Daddy, Lucas has two other men in his life he loves dearly(besides Cody and Jeremy). I am not sure if it is because they give him chocolate and ice cream or because they have really fun toys. PopPop has a big tractor. Lucas loves going on tractor rides. He has been known to fall asleep while on the tractor too. Who needs a rocking chair? They ride around the garden and make sure everything is ok.

Then there is PawPaw. He has a BIG truck. I mean like an 18-wheeler truck. We met up with him one afternoon to let Lucas see a BIG truck in person. I really think for awhile he dreamed about big trucks. A small obsession that continues today. He honked the horn and just took it all in.

He is a lucky boy to have both grandfathers and both grandmothers. He is loved more than he will ever know. And just to document, the picture below is his first sucker from the bank!


Well my baby sister graduated high school. I cannot believe it. It does not seem like time for that yet. I am so proud of her. The graduation was at the Birmingham Civic Center. We took Lucas with us and he just loved running around DURING the ceremony. Luckily we sat in the back. It was a nice ceremony.....

I am so proud of what you have already accomplished so far in life. I am so excited for you to begin college. It was such a fun time for me and I hope you enjoy it also. But not too much....make sure you stay focused and make good grades because you see if you fail it costs money now! I know you will be the best at whatever you decide to do. Michael and Lucas are proud of you too!

me and Whitney

Mom and Whitney

Cody and Whitney getting some Lucas lovin'

Cody and Whitney

Proud Graduate

Woo Hoo! We did it!

Sweet Sister

Mom and Lucas

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We had a very fun filled weekend celebrating the Fourth of July holiday. We would like to thank Chad and Alex for their service. I cannot imagine how hard it is to be away from family for so long. Hopefully they will be able to join us next year! Saturday we had a pool date with the Martin family. We headed over there around noon for lunch and water fun. We had some yummy chicken and hot dogs compliments of Joseph. After filling our bellies it was off to the pool!

Katie, me, and Erin

Lucas had a good time getting in and out, in and out, in and out. That will wear you out quick.

Lucas and his daddy

Lucas with Aunt Katie

The many faces of Cody and Auntie

How many people can you fit into a pool?

After swimming for awhile it was time to eat again! Katie's brother Cody treated us all with some pizza. Then we had more brownies. We hung out for a little while longer then it was time to get Lucas home to bed b/c we had another full day planned on Sunday. We went to church Sunday morning and enjoyed a lunch fellowship with the College kids. We had BBQ and all the fixins! Lucas ate his whole plate of food just so he could have a cupcake. He spotted them as soon as he got into the room. After lunch it was nap time. We headed over to my parent's house for more food and water fun. Mom bought a big blow up water slide and Lucas enjoyed playing on it....I think. He would smile on the way down but then he looked panicked at the bottom. But he would do it several times in a row. Dad grilled some delicious favorite! Lucas got a bath and we headed home. To celebrate the Fourth with Michael's family we headed to his sister's house Monday. It was waaaaaayyyy hot outside so I wasn't able to eat a whole lot but there was so much food! The Stephens family sure knows how to cook. Lucas enjoyed playing with his cousins Maggie and Alisha. They live in Clanton so we don't get to see them that often.

Just swimmin'!

Maggie, Lucas, and Alisha

A summer storm blew in so the swimming was cut short. We all headed back to the house for some homemade ice cream and brownies. It was getting late by this time so we packed up and headed home. It was a fun but tiring weekend and I didn't get called into work one time!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a new start

So today I decided I am going to be a real blogger....we shall see what tommorrow holds! This past weekend we were fairly busy. On Saturday we celebrated Caden's first birthday. Michael has been friends with this precious family for a long time and I am so glad to call them friends since meeting Michael. Caden is a miracle and we were so happy to share this time with them. Too bad I did not take a single pic! Saturday night we had a fellowship with our Sunday School class. We grilled out and had pool time! We finally found a float that would keep Lucas from tipping over....he loved the water! He jumped in and swam around like he had been doing it all his life. We got to spend some time with our class and that was nice since it had been awhile. Hopefully we can do it again soon! My next post will have pictures! I want this to become something that Lucas can look back on. Lots of fun to be had this weekend so stay tuned......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucas went on his first vacation over the Memorial Day weekend. We went to Virginia with the Glover family for a reunion. Everybody got to go this year except Anita and Nancy! We had a good time and Lucas started really crawling on this trip. He went from the Army crawl to full blown crawling. He loved his cousins and crawling around the cabin like he owned the place. Saturday was the reunion. There was lots of food and of course the required stop for ice cream afterwards. Here are a few pics from the journey....

Lucas with Aunt Angie while we stopped for his late night
feeding at the gas station.

Playing ball with Dad at the reunion.

This is where we bathed him after a hard day
of playing.

I just love this pic!

He found the air vent and went straight to it.
I am not sure where this fascination comes
but he does it at home too.